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Thank you to all who came out and supported us in June, July, and August for our lunch stand fundraisers!!!  A special thank you to Alliant Energy Foundation for a matching funds grant in the amount of $1,500!


Holiday Safety Tips for a safe and happy holiday season


*** Be careful with holiday decorations. Choose decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant.

*** Keep lit candles away from decorations and other things that can burn.

*** Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use, but not both.

*** Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Read manufacturer’s instructions for number of light strands to connect.

*** Use clips, not nails, to hang lights so the cords do not get damaged.

*** Keep decorations away from windows and doors.


*** Test your smoke alarms and tell guests about your home fire escape plan.

*** Keep children and pets away from lit candles.

*** Keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet.

*** Stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stovetop.